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How I Address My Chronic Inflammation Issues

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Dealing with my own chronic inflammation

When clients have chronic inflammation issues, this is what I generally recommend to address it (as far as supplementation goes): 

 ❂Probiotics to improve immunity and restore microflora during and after antibiotics (I believe I offer the best probiotic on the market) 
 ❂Curcumin is helpful at reducing neurological toxins and brain swelling (recommend my Polyphenol Complex)
 ❂Astaxanthin to neutralize toxins, improve vision, and relieve joint pain. (I recommend my vegetarian omega supplement) 
 ❂Undenatured Whey protein concentrate may help with nutrition, often poor in chronic pain/inflammation patients who don’t feel well enough to eat properly (recommend my moringa+whey 90+ verifiable, cell-ready vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants, omega oils daily shake)
 ❂Grapefruit seed extract may treat the cyst form of Borrelia (also in the Polyphenol Complex)
 ❂Cilantro as a natural chelator for heavy metals (use my cilantro essential oil in my detoxification blend that comes in a capsule or in the blend with a carrier oil for my daughter)
 ❂ Protease and Amylase helps to break biofilms (In my digestive enzyme supplement)
 ❂Resveratrol may treat Bartonella, a co-infection and also helps detoxification (also in the Polyphenol Complex or my daily gel supplement)
 ❂GABA and melatonin to help with insomnia (highly bioavailable from the  moringa+whey protein shake or amino acid supplementation)
 ❂CoQ10 to support cardiac health and reduce muscle pain and brain fog (in my energy and stamina supplement) 
 ❂Quercetin reduces histamine (also in my energy and stamina supplement)

Now let me share that if you are taking a joint supplement, or a large variety of supplements you want to run the ingredients of the supplements with your doctor or pharmacist because there are some serious interactions that you may not be aware of with blood thinning, diabetic medications, etc.

Please contact me if you have any questions.
How I Address My Chronic Inflammation Issues

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