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There's no reason to stop gardening through the winter. Now you can not only split up the payments into 12 months but when you buy your Garden through the Black Friday special you'll get a $50 shipping rebate for your thoughtful gift of wellness. Order your #urbangarden and have #organic greens by the end of the year! We use a ton of #bokchoy , #chard, #spinach and #arugula.... And the kids love the peas so much they never make it from garden to stirfry. πŸ™‚ Buy the gift you'll never regret, #nourish your body and have a green new year! πŸ¬πŸŒΏπŸ’š #paleonourished #PaleoVegeo #indoorgarden #greens #growyourown #mamawholewellness
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