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Today's #lowcarb #paleovegan nourishment... I am so happy I found the #VeganEgg product!! That with the Daiya chive cream cheese makes for an amazing combo. I used my vanilla Complete in them today to make them a little bit like a waffle bowl. Topped with the spicy red peppers makes it almost unbelievable. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š This is theπŸ’£ !!! I am excited to show my personal results to my challengers starring the Shred10 with me on January 2nd. This is such an awesome way to start the new year! I will hit some powerful goals in the first month of the new year. You can't wait for it to happen, though. You have to make it happen! Have you ever done a Shred10? The next three people that order the trio of encapsulated whole foods from me will get a Shred10 starter vegan meal replacement as a bonus. I have already started the inner group support and would love to have you. πŸ’— Come join this #healthylivingrevolutiom #PaleoVegeo #shred10 #wellnessjourney #ntp #nomnom #foodjoy #holisticlife #pegan #mamawholewellness #onesimplechange #takehealthyback
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