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Joy Fit Motherhood

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Red #Mandarin essential oil is amazing!! One of the best oils for your skin, and supports that uplifting feeling which makes it perfect for all of my mom friends.Wonderful support tool for our digestion, and because it's so great at soothing and calming the nervous system it is often recommended for children and during pregnancy. It is a cheery, uplifting, soothing oil and it helps align and balance the first chakra (support and survival), second chakra (creating, relationships and energy), fourth chakra (unconditional love 💘) and the sixth chakra (clarity, uplifting, clarifying and insight). This will be a part of a limited release. Stay tuned and watch the feed to order. #energy #healer #availablesoon #chakras #energywork #balance #mommyshelper #certifiedaromatherapist #Reiki
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