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Post vacation planning and #mealprep for my Monday #Shred start. Going all in for #keto this month with a midweek carb refeed. Today I cleanse before with fresh pressed #greenjuice and #Bulletproof activated #charcoal .... This week I'm also having lots of greens!! To get enough protein I'm doing 'bone' broth. Ever done veggie spirulina bone broth before?? I have my #vegan shake to get the gut fed (from, and I'm going to add some of the Niki's #darkchocolate coconut butter spread and the chocolate sea salt #perfectketo base and chia seeds. I'll be having #VeganEgg with baby spinach and alfalfa sprouts. And adding some of the Sari Foods #nutritionalyeast for an end of the night 🌙 boost. Of course I'm starting the morning with my #bulletproofcoffee ☕!!! My macros are 74 grams of fat, 51 grams of carbs and 86 grams of protein. Off we go!!! 😀👍💪 #PaleoVegeo #joyfood #prep #vacationcleanse #cleaneats
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