How Your Soul Desires To Say Goodbye To A Lost Twin Flame : Intuitive Message

By Barbara Christensen - 8:52 PM

How Your Soul Desires To Say Goodbye To A Lost Twin Flame : Intuitive Message

Tonight it came to me that so many in this world need to hear this, to understand that what feels like the end is but a fraction of a moment in time. Your Twin Flame / Sacred Union may not be for this lifetime. You may have something else you have decided to learn. However your Soul asks that you look on this love in the light of kindness to yourself, and your other half.

Barbara xx

Soul's Love Letter For Separated Sacred Twins:

When I look at you the first time I knew that my life was over as I had known it to be before. I didn't realize the magnitude of emotions, healing, inner wounding that would be brought forward by the connection, not to mention the ripples of pain that would bubble up to the surface of my life. I just knew that you were joy, and that I could not do anything but open up to you and ask the universe to let you open up this time to me.

I would do it all again to spend this time with you. I always knew that you would not open up to feel this with us in this lifetime. Finding you in this place in this life was a surprise, as I had thought I wouldn't find you this time. Lifetime after lifetime, however, I will always look and long for you, because without you in this lifetime I was incomplete. Even if I am without you now, I am able to know what it was to be complete, to breathe in a moment with the balance of my whole self, whole heart, whole soul, whole vibration.

I love you so fully. You and I will always know this truth in our deepest knowing even as we walk away from this moment. It may slowly take me, break me, but just in a blink of the multitudes of time, dimensions and realities where we are together. I would always go off this path to be in this soul alignment, but I know that for this life "love" is something that feels just like a word in the mist between our bodies.

It has been hard to come to this realization, and to know that this body created to be so open has to be so closed. Know that I do not regret that we found each other because you are my greatest love, greatest joy, greatest breathe, greatest sorrow, deepest wound... and that all of the light wouldn't exist without this darkness. No other will fill me but my heart and soul will move forward even without the oneness that is craved. However I will find someone in my soul group to make me laugh again, and ask my higher self to erase you from the time that remains on today's path.

When I pass you by, let me look beyond you, beyond your energy, beyond your gaze so that I can keep moving. Let me keep moving so that I am not stuck in this one place, in this one time for all of eternity. If I stop and look into your deep soul, the hope of reunion would be too much for me to move. So let me feel it, let me feel the loss, and be without judgement. I forgive my heart for being so open in the wrong space, the wrong time - for the heart only follows the magnetic frequency that it knows as home. I forgive my eyes for watering my soul in such a sorrowful way, while trying to find it's new path. I know there are no regrets for my higher self as time is fleeting and beyond time you and I are embraced. Until another life, another reality, another universe, another dimension I shall hold you deep in my DNA in a love so pure it cannot be bound by my hate for this separation. When we blink and this life is over, there you will be and I will then be yours always.

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