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What question is yours to be asked?

As Energy Healers we aren't always into the whole concept of what is possible. We aren't even aware of all of the things that we take in that aren't doing us any contributions. We are living this very uncongruent life, and I think it is because we are first holding onto so many beliefs and judgements, but also because we are closed off to the vast amount of possibilities out there for us.

I knew I was intuitive as a teen, looking back on things that had happened in my childhood. I can remember astral projecting with my friend, who is now an amazing Shaman. Go figure. Even then I was attracting like minded healers. I would lose myself in a good book as a way to shut off the empathic sludge, but you cannot be in a fantasy world and live in a reality as expansive as this one.

Over the last twenty years I have worked in many modalities of energy, and as the new year is almost upon us I have added a new membership to my processes to help others, healer or not, to really get things moving in their life. Because in truth we all want the golden ticket, and we all desire something that is vastly our own purpose.

However, I am a crazy, joyful Unicorn, and I am inviting you to ask if there is something more your business desires that has brought you here.

I discovered how essential nutritional vibrations were when I was looking for a natural way to help my body get out of the rut it was in after having my daughter. I was surprised to see that a friend I had worked with along side JNL, and a huge friend in the wellness industry had launched her own real food business.

Not only did I love the idea of teaching others to nourish their bodies, but I know that nutrition enhances the energetic vibrations I have been sharing with others.

So when you combine the high vibrations of whole foods, items like meditation, yoga, energetic crystals and choice... what else is possible?

Each day I am in awe of how kind and heart centered this contribution to my business, and my clients has been. People have a disconnect with food, but they are starting to awaken.

I love this business model - where helping others succeed is in line with your own success. Opportunities like this can literally multiply your income in a way that has endless possibilities.

If you are looking to learn more about alternative energy therapies and products. I offer team coaching and 1:1 coaching to help you get started.


That's okay, because you can host a social event start experiencing the amazing energy from sharing meal plans, and meal prepping AND save tons of money through learning how to create a healthy plan for yourself, and perhaps even your family. It’s easy! It's easy to host a fun foodie fest with your friends and by introducing your friends you whole foods you can gain so much more financially, too!


I am a crazy, joyful Unicorn, and I am inviting you to join my Team, however, because that is what opens up possibilities... asking.

My amazing friend was totally into her business, but it wasn't my thing. I am into smudge sticks, and aromatherapy, plants, and stones and energy sessions. So we stayed friends, and she watched as I was working on me for a while and healing. As well, I didn't have any parties I felt awkwardly about turning down. You know how that feels? That's because her quotas were so high. I don't feel attracted to anything that brings that sort of vibe with it.

So then she invites me to her launch party, and I thought, okay... Good friend.. Good vibes and went. I even learned how easy it was to make my own vegan cheese, YES you read that right, and that was amazing because I am a cheese lover, with a sadness that the market is saturated with high poly vegan cheeses.

Just the basics drew me in. There are other companies I could have partnered with, but I didn't feel the good vibes that I did with this one. First, I think that if you partner with a company, you should not have to buy in order to earn. Other organizations I have seen in this sector of wellness require you to have volume even just to earn a percentage of your sales. None of my partnerships in that sort of genre have ever worked out. 

I sort of fell in love at first sight. I loved the idea that the ingredients were allowing their people to become the storytellers of their hearts desires. I loved that it was food based, and not box based. I loved that they were adding to your vibe in the best way (no irradiated foods) and they it was started as something quite meaningful, and even protective for her family. I was suddenly open up to another opportunity because as a leader of teams, I have seen women leave their jobs, and even bring their husbands home with the right fit. I have seen children grow up in entrepreneur families and grow up to be global business leaders living very healthy lives. Life is a journey, and the choice of where it leads us is ours!! The door was suddenly there.

So many benefits!!

You have a gorgeous online website, and I love that. 
No need to carry an inventory that you will not use.
There are no commitments! Even if you don't build you will earn from any sales, and ordering at a discount.

You determine to what level you want to take your business - whether it is part time to supplement your income or to earn significantly more than your current income. You can share the joy of food from home, cook at a friend's house, cook at an event, or just share this higher vibration of nutrition and conscious eating online. 

As a full in business partner with your e-wellness site you can share these amazing lifestyle with those in Canada and the United States. As well you will earn both on your own efforts and on those who join your team. Really it's an amazing way to build a tribe of goodness. I offer team coaching and 1:1 coaching to help you get started. 

As you promote this wellness lifestyle and not just products, you'll earn a generous commissions on all of the sales you refer to your link. Easy peasy. With a small personal volume of $200 in qualifying sales volume you can start building that residual income that is as passive and joyful as it gets. I ask you how much better it can get? If you are looking to add to your essential oil, yoga, energy based business as a Reiki or other modality healer, this just makes sense. I love it when you join in to be an influence for good.

Doesn't this just feel light? Are You Ready to Apply?

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