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That's okay, you can still get the oils at a discount price as an enrollee. You'll be able to start experiencing the amazing benefits of CBD oils AND save tons of money as a discount member.


I am a crazy, joyful Unicorn, and I am inviting you to join my Team.

I discovered CBD oil when I was looking for a high quality essential oil to help out a friend. I was surprised to see that a friend I had worked with along side JNL, and a huge friend in the wellness industry had launched her own CBD business.

Within six months she was earning really great money, and bought a gorgeous new Lexus. Intrigued, I explored the business and was amazed by what I learned.

Not only did I love using the pure, non-gmo CBD CO2 extracted oils, which are top quality our of the organic farms in Kentucky, but I was also delighted to learn that this company had a copyright on their compensation plan, because it's so much better than any other I have seen.

What sealed my decision to align with this company was the fact that so many people are searching for high quality, and affordable oils, and they can enroll for no cost, and save money to make it even easier and more beneficial for those I care about. Each day I am in awe of how kind and heart centered this contribution to my business has been.

I love this business model - where helping others succeed is in line with your own success. This is not a typical networking marketing company. It's unilevel, so no orphaned signups. It offers what is called a hybrid 4-part pay plan with those copyrighted Profit Sharing Positions. This can literally multiply your income from the same sales volume. People love these CBD oils and for good reason.

So many benefits!!

Your website is immediately available.
No need to carry an inventory
There are no commitments!

You determine to what level you want to take your business - whether it is part time to supplement your income or to earn significantly more than your current income.

If you are looking to try CBD oils, this just makes sense.  I offer team coaching and 1:1 coaching to help you get started.

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